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Stefanie Arnold: “I changed my life for work and horses lover”

Photos by Barbara Miller

My name is Stefanie Arnold; I am 35 years old and here is my story:

I visit the UAE my first time in 2002, I was a groom of my two cousins at the President Cup in Abu Dhabi.

My second time I visit Dubai, was in 2005 for the World Championship in Endurance.

I was helping and grooming my sister Rebecca during the race. She was participating the 160-km race with our family horse Zahib.

During that stay, I made a lot of friends here in Dubai. Visiting the UAE, a several times and did a few races here in the desert.

February 2010, I decide to leave Germany and starting a new different life here in the UAE. Every new beginning is not an easy one. Specially in a country, were the culture, religion, language and rules are totally different as in my home country Germany.

But slowly slowly I understood how the life goes here in Dubai.

I start working at the German International School at Dubai as the school secretary. Daily from Sunday to Thursday from 7 am to 4 pm. Soon I knew something is missing in my life. A horse, my daily riding, my fun and enjoying my life.

September 2012, I got the chance to bring our family horse Zahib to Dubai. Which was changing my life totally.

There was now someone who was waiting for me after my work. Done with work my work, changing my clothes at work and driving direct to stable.

There is no time to change my working clothes to my riding dress at home, the way is too far and the sunset starts at 6 pm.Stefanie Arnold and her sister Rebecca

So, if I want to ride my boy, I must do it like this and I am doing it every day. March 2014, we finished the CEI ** 120 km Crown Prince Cup in Dubai.

Zahib was at that time already 19 years old and he is still in a very good health. One year later my new young 3-year-old boy Perys was also flying to Dubai.

With him I did until now 2 times 40 km and 2 times 80 km and now he is ready for his first CEI* 80 km race here in the UAE.

Thanks to everybody for ready my story and thank you EVO Magazine for the interview.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy, successful new year 2017. Take care of you and your horses.

Stefanie Arnold

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