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RAJAS alias Roman de Gargassan: “a Great victory is the result of a great job”

Rajas recently won the H.H. Sh. Mohammed Al Maktoum Endurance Cup CEI3* ridden by Humaid Matar Rashed Al Mazrooei.

We spoke with Mademoiselle Marianne Capdeville, breeder of Rajas

Tell us his story, starting from his birth till the day he was sold. Who bought him?

His father is Perfect de Lafon (Padrons Image x Papouchka) and his mother, Muse de Gargassan, was born in the breeding center of Gargassan. My friends Bertrand, Christine Valette and I bought Devitsa, the mother of Papouchka, in the Netherlands.

Papouchka became world reserved champion in show beauty due to her powerful movements. I consider movement and body one of the most important elements in a horse.

His mother, Muse de Gargassan is 18 years old and her 27 year old father Vladimir de Falgas, is the second stallion in Gargassan, he has Russian blood, well-known for his movement, in fact his products are strong in terms of body and movement.

Muse’s mother, Sastia, is the product of Aster ( baj & ablette) and Fekra (esmet ali & zembra), old and classic tunisian lines… the idea was to give movement to the mother and to her daughter.

Roman is Muse’s only baby. I chose not to breed many horses and just few of them were sold for competion, but they are all achieving good results because they are strong.

We didn’t sell Roman, but gave him as a gift (the only one we’ve made so far) to the organization of Lalbenque Endurance Race, our friend Jack Begaud personally chose him.

Laurent Mosti, won him and this was Gargassan’s great luck. Roman was 18 months old and quite difficult too. He was sad to leave his friends, in fact that’s why I usually sell my endurance horses when they are at least 5 years old. We follow them from their birth, cuddle them in our arms, when they are 6 months old we let them go with all the other horses so that they can stay together. Once they are ready to work, they ask for it.

The following story must be told by Cécile and Laurent.

Do you keep following the career of the horses you sold?

Yes, I always follow my horses and even horses with Gargassan Blood like Psyche du Verdot for instance or Azziz de Gargassan’s offspring. Last year at this time al Theeb was world number one.

Worth of mention is Lemir de Gargassan (Ali Mabrouk x Emira de Gargassan), he is 17 now and belongs to Nicolas Ballarin, who never wants to sell him!

  • 4058 km  official races finished
    • 36 Entries
    • 34 finished rides
    • 15 CEI***  rides + 12th place at the WEG in Sartilly  2014)
    • 14 Podiums (7 on CEI***) and 4 times 4th in CEI***rides
    • 4 times Montcuq: 13th in 2009, 4th in 2011, 2nd in 2012 and 2013
    • 4 times Florac: 6th in 2010, 2nd in 2013, 4th in 2015 in the 160 Km ride
    • 8th in the 130 km ride – 2009
    • Team silver medal in the world equestrian games  2014

This video on Lemir de Gargassan’s facebook page shows the way he rode his 4058th km, isn’t it a world record?


4) What’s your opinion regarding the best blood lines for endurance? 

Is a horse an endurance athlete from the beginning or does he turn into one? Arabians that don’t succeed in flat racing often become endurance horses…is it the same with horses for beauty show? 

This question is quite important.

I really don’t believe in the reconversion of race horses because they have to be precocius while, in order to have strong endurance horses, we have to wait for them.

I had the honour to breed two world reserved show champions.

Each time, movement made the big difference and those two horses gave me endurance champions…like Roman’s grandmother and grandfather Papouchka and Vladimir de Falgas, and Lemir’s grandfather Na colt.

I never thought that a horse could make a show horse or an endurance one but, what I can say is that a horse that is strong built can move easily, in my opinion, this means that he can move faster, longer and better than any other horse.

I know too many show champions that are not good horses, in my opinion, a beautiful horse must be above all a good one.

I like to show my horses sometimes to keep my vision of what I consider a beautiful horse.

But I keep in mind that it’s just a breeding competition and not a show that might be important for me.

I’ve been breeding for 30 years now, the first Gargassan to be born was Azziz de Gargassan . He is a well-known father champion that I had the chance to sell to the French Haras Nationnaux. At the beginning everybody said that he had the makings of a show horse and had to prove he was a champion, more than others… He definitely had something that made the difference…that thing was movement. Good movement is the result of strong legs, a strong back and an overall balance. Compact and vigorous appearance give strength, agility and endurance.

Well my “show horse” gave birth to Al Theeb who was first in last year’s endurance world ranking!




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