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Lucia junior Supekova: to me the word “endurance” means freedom…

Lucia junior Supekova: to me the word “endurance” means freedom, speed and, last but not least, team spirit


On 30th April 2017 she was 1° in the FEI Young Riders Endurance Ranking

Let ´s get to know Lucia better…

I am 17 years old and I have been a sportswoman since I was born. When I was a little girl I began with downhill skiing because my father was a professional downhill skier. Later I got into athletics, but I stopped when I was fifteen, because it was impossible to practice two sports at top level.

When  I turned eight, my sister Michaela and I started practicing endurance riding, and in addition to that we spent hours in the gym with our personal trainer Tomas Tschur and with the physiotherapist.

I ride for the JK Napoli team in Šamorín, at x-bionic sphere beautiful sports center.

My trainer is Mario Hoffmann. My favourite horse and biggest love is Bwuagadugo – a twelve year old gelding… the one I won the race in Sweden with in 2015. We have successfully completed the President of the U.A.E. Cup in Abu Dhabi in spring 2016 and also won the Slovak Junior Championship in autumn last year.


When and why did you start riding? Just a family passion or something more?

Everything started when my dad went hunting to Kirgichstan where he was supposed to spend a couple of weeks on a horse and had to learn how to ride.

When he came back home, he decided to buy the horse that he rode during those two weeks. Considering that he didn´t have much time, my mum started to ride him and then we joined too.

Our first horse (Balkan: CH-M-YJ-E 120 Babolna-HUN 2009, WEG-E Lexington-USA 2010, CH-M-E Euston Park-GBR 2012, CH-EU-E 160 Most 2013, WEG-E Caen-FRA 2014) was stabled in an endurance stable. Endurance was so enchanting for all of us that we decided to dedicate all our time and energy to this sport. Endurance has become a family passion and our lifestyle.

What do you like the best about competing in endurance rides?

Endurance to me is freedom, speed and, last but not least, team spirit, love for horses and adrenaline. This sport fulfills me and it gives me everything I need.

When I’m on the track I experience all kind of possible emotions: joy, sadness, happiness, fear for the horse, laughter, despair, tears … All these feelings are worth the success, a kind of success that equates all the effort that lies behind it. I fell in love with this sport because of the unpredictable feelings it causes within you.


In your opinion what does the horse think about when competing?

This is very individual… I believe every horse thinks about something different, probably some of my horses think about running faster to win, others just enjoy the feeling of being in nature or maybe think about food.

DSC01432It is exactly what happens with people, everybody thinks about something, but after years of practice I realized that it would be much better to “switch off” your mind and just focus on the ride. Endurance is mainly based on the head, the rider’s and the horse’s head. Although it is not easy, I believe that a positive way of thinking is always at the basis of success.



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