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About Us

Luca GiannangeliSport Endurance EVO was founded in October 2012 by the Editor Luca Giannangeli, a Sportsman and a visionary manager who created a strategic product in order to give world wide visibility to endurance riding and other sports.
Run by the Cultural Association Sportendurance-EVO, today it is an independent quarterly magazine.
It is an international printed magazine about endurance riding and lifestyle but, considering that the word “ENDURANCE” has to do with “RESISTANCE”, the idea is to widen the focus of the magazine on other sports.
The topics we will be dealing with, apart from endurance riding that will keep its main position,are cycling, triathlon, running, climbing, swimming, sailing, kayak, special records, extreme sports, interviews etc., sports that, like equestrian endurance, require effort, resistance and determination.
The quarterly magazine, doesn’t express itself through beautiful photos only but it offers its readers interesting and useful contents.
It becomes a live press office for newspapers, magazines and companies who deal with the stylish world of horses.
Sport Endurance EVO through sport events and lifestyle mainly chooses to give a contribution to the development of endurance riding in respect to the horse, environment and animal/human health.
The magazine also becomes an opportunity of visibility for brands, companies and institutions that work for the promotion and improvement of equestrian disciplines and other sports.
The magazine is also a mean of economic, business and industrial growth.

Everyone should have access to sports for a healthier life: sports is not only good for the body and mind but for the entire society.

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